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Customs Clearance Ireland

Who are Customs Clearance Ireland?

Customs Clearance Ireland is Ireland’s leading Customs Clearance Company. We provide Customs Clearance services on behalf of companies who are importing and exporting goods both to and from Ireland.  We Provide a full Customs Brokerage service, with experience in the comprehensive range of Customs Clearances services from Freight Forwarding to Export Documentation. Customs Clearance Ireland acts as an intermediary between your business and Customs officials. We take the hassle out of the customs clearance process allowing you to focus on growing your business.  





What is Customs Clearance?

Customs Clearance is the required process for recording the arrival and departure of goods as they enter or exit a country. Customs Clearance involves calculating the VAT and duties that may be due on those goods and following the correct procedure to have the goods enter or exit the country lawfully.


All goods that are shipped internationally must pass through Customs before they are allowed to enter or exit a country. This includes any goods sent by sea, air, or land. After your goods are Customs Cleared and released you will be furnished with Customs Documents to confirm all Customs Duties and Taxes have been paid and your goods can proceed to their destination.



Why Use Customs Clearance Ireland?

Customs clearance ireland

The rules and procedures for international trade are constantly in a state of flux. At Customs Clearance Ireland we use our expertise, experience and trusted partnerships to keep abreast of this ever-changing landscape. From our Dublin based offices, we have been providing Customs Clearance services for over two decades. Customs Clearance is an integral part of the import & export process. Our team are fully trained Customs Agents and freight forwarders with extensive experience in international trade procedure and documentation.



Customs Clearance Ireland Services


Customs Clearance Ireland Preparing for Brexit

At Customs Clearance Ireland we provide the comprehensive suite of Customs Clearance services including:  

Customs Clearance: We specialise in the preparation and production of Custom Clearance documents on behalf of companies who import and export goods both to and from Ireland.

Customs Export Documents: We are experts in the preparation and presentation of Export Documents. We ensure all paperwork complies with both Irish Revenue and the Customs authorities of the receiving country.

Freight Forwarding: We provide professional and independents Freight Forwarding services on behalf of our clients.

Intrastat and VIES Preparation: We look after the preparation and presentation of all paperwork.



At Customs Clearance Ireland we are helping our clients prepare for Brexit. The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union will have a significant effect on the trade relationship between Ireland & the UK. It is vital for businesses that import & export goods between the two jurisdictions prepare themselves for the changes that lie ahead. Customs Clearance Ireland can help your organisation avoid any disruption to your business posed by Brexit. Our team have been preparing full Customs Declarations since before the advent of the Single Market in 1993.



Customs Clearance Ireland Services

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