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What is Customs Clearance?

What is Customs Clearance?

Customs Clearance is the required process for recording the arrival and departure of goods as they enter or exit a country. Customs Clearance involves calculating the VAT and duties that may be due on those goods and following the correct procedure to have the goods enter or exit the country lawfully.


All goods that are shipped internationally must pass through Customs before they are allowed to enter or exit a country. This includes any goods sent by sea, air, or land. After your goods are Customs Cleared and released you will be furnished with Customs Documents to confirm all Customs Duties and Taxes have been paid and your goods can proceed to their destination.


If you fail to prepare your Customs Clearance Documentation properly, Customs may prevent your goods from entering or leaving the jurisdiction. To ensure your goods are allowed exit or entry you can hire a customs broker or freight forwarder to handle the Customs Clearance procedure.


Customs Clearance Ireland provides Customs Clearance Services for goods entering and exiting Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. We specialise in Customs Clearance, Export Documentation, Intrastat and General Freight Forwarding.








For help with your Customs Clearance Request our Rate Card or Contact a member of our team.

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