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Dublin Based Customs Broker

Customs Clearance Ireland

Customs Clearance Ireland are a Dublin Based Customs Broker specialising in Customs Brokerage on behalf of companies who import and export goods to and from Ireland.


From our Dublin offices, we provide the full range of Customs Clearance services including the preparation of import and export documents, Intrastat Preparation and Freight Forwarding.


We have experience in providing Customs Clearance services on behalf of companies importing and exporting many different classifications of goods including electronics, raw materials, foods and consumer goods. These days, import & export procedure can be a very complicated process. There are numerous documents and forms to be filled out as well as various duties and taxes to be paid.


From our Dubin office, our team can provide you with our comprehensive knowledge of all of the applicable laws relating to import and export procedure in Ireland.



Dublin Based Customs Broker

At Customs Clearance Ireland our team have the skills required to facilitate the entire Customs Clearance Process on your behalf. By using Customs Clearance Ireland as your customs broker we can help your company avoid unnecessary costs. Our team will advise you on all the procedures and regulations required for each type of good. Our expertise will help your company to avoid delays or possible penalties.

You are legally responsible for all goods that you import into Ireland. We can offer peace of mind by ensuring that your goods have been properly declared and verified at their port of entry.

Customs Clearance Ireland will ensure that your goods comply with various Customs regulations. Our team will be on hand to advise you and provide ongoing feedback on any of the complex issues that may arise.




Customs Clearance Ireland Services


Importing goods into Ireland can be a tricky business by using Customs Clearance Ireland your company will not need to have a specialist employed on staff allowing you to focus on the important aspects of the business. At Customs Clearance Ireland we can take care of the entire shipping process from the start of finish. Our Services Include Tariff Classification, Customs Valuation, Handling Appeals, Settling any Customs Disputes, Payments of Taxes & Duties, Refunds and Freight Forwarding.



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