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Customs Broker Ireland

Customs Clearance Ireland are Irish Customs Brokers providing services to companies based in Ireland importing and exporting goods all over the world. With over 25 years experience and a deep knowledge of international trade procedures, we have become the trusted Customs Broker of choice for small, medium and large companies.

At Customs Clearance Ireland our mission is to save companies time and money by taking the hassle out of the Customs Clearance process. From our Dublin based office, we provide a countrywide comprehensive range of services, from Customs Clearance Services to Intrastat Preparation and Logistics to Freight Forwarding. With Customs Clearance Ireland you can rest assured your business is in safe hands.



The Customs Broker of Choice for Companies all over Ireland.

Customs Brokers

Customs Clearance Ireland, acting as your Customs Broker, can offer a neutral service to arrange your Customs Clearance needs, regardless of which Freight Forwarder you have engaged to arrange the Transport from the origin Country. We can complete the Customs Clearance on your behalf and return the Clearance Docket/Slip to your nominated Freight Forwarder or Haulier to complete the final delivery to your premises.

Freight Forwarding

At Customs Clearance Ireland we have been providing Freight Forwarding services to clients for over 25 years.
We specialise in organising shipments for individuals and companies: helping them bring their goods from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution.
We save companies time and money by providing the best possible solutions for the international transportation of goods.  

Customs Clearance

We save you time and money by taking the hassle out of the Customs Clearance process. With 25 year's experience, you can be sure your goods are in safe hands.
At Customs Clearance Ireland we are experts in the preparation of and production of customs clearance documents. For over 25 years we've been helping companies import and export their goods to and from Ireland.  


At Customs Clearance Ireland we are experts at Intrastat and Vies Preparation. With over 25 year’s experience in preparing Intrastat and VIES Returns you can be confident that we are the experts in this field. Most of our clients are long terms customers of 10+ years standing. You can benefit by allowing our expertise in this area to unburden this time consuming exercise and place it in the hands of the professionals.

Export Documents

We are experts in the preparation of and presentation of export documents for customs. For 25 years we have helped our customers arrange their Exports from Ireland by ensuring all their paperwork is checked and complies with both Irish Revenue and the Customs Authorities of the receiving country. Companies all over Ireland have trusted us with the preparation and presentation of their paperwork for Customs. 

Customer Service

At Customs Clearance Ireland, we are very much a part of your team.  We take the time to understand your business so that we can offer customs services bespoke to your needs. We have a deep understanding of international trade and specialise in Customs Clearance, Export Document preparation, Intrastat and Freight Forwarding. You can use our expertise to take the hassle out of the entire Shipping Process.

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