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Do I need a Customs Broker?

Do I need a Customs Broker?

A Customs Broker assists in the process of Customs Clearance of goods entering or exiting the country. If you are importing or exporting goods for sale, it is advisable to have a Customs Broker prepare your paperwork to ensure that your shipment will be granted access into the jurisdiction. Not following the correct procedure will result in your shipment being held up and delayed, with the possibility of fines or additional Duty Charges and potentially your goods being seized by Customs.


With 25 years experience, Customs Clearance Ireland are experts in Customs Brokerage. In our experience, it is preferable to nominate one Customs Broker to handle your Customs Clearance needs. This way we can better understand your business and thereby help to correctly classify your goods to the correct Customs Duty Code. Goods incorrectly classified could mean you are paying excess Duties but conversely it could also mean you are underpaying your Duty liability and this will lead to Revenue Fines, Penalties and Interest Charges on ALL under declared Duties and when Revenue discover these discrepancies they can conduct audits that can go back 3, 5 and even 10 years.


In the event of a Customs Inspection, you need only contact us for all the relevant paperwork and we will be alongside you at your premises when the Revenue Officers are conducting the audit.


For further information about our Customs Brokerage services talk to our team today.

Do you need a Customs Broker?
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