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What is Container Clearance?

What is Container Clearance?

Container Clearance is the Customs Clearance procedure for goods that are loaded as a Full Container or as part of a Full Container and being cleared through Customs at the Sea Port. All containers that are imported with goods that are intended for sale must be cleared through customs in the same manner as all other imported goods.


Even if an empty container is bought and imported into the country it must be Cleared through Customs at the port. After your container has been granted Container Clearance or Customs Clearance you will be given documentation to confirm that all of the relevant Customs Duties have been paid and that your container can proceed to its destination. If you fail to prepare your Customs Clearance Documentation properly Customs will prevent your container from leaving the port.


Customs Clearance Ireland are experts in providing Customs Clearance for Containers Entering Ireland. We take the hassle out of the Customs Clearance process by preparing the necessary paperwork on behalf of our clients.

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