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How long does Customs Clearance

How Long does Customs Clearance Take?

With all the Documents pre-checked and the Customs Duty and VAT arrangements in place, Customs Clearance can be completed (Green Routed) within an hour or two of the arrival of the goods. However, if the goods are called for a document check (Orange Routed) or for a full physical exam (Red Routed) the length of time could stretch to 24/48hours.


Having a shipment delayed at Customs through insufficient or poorly prepared paperwork is inexcusable and is not only bad for your business but could end up costing you more through additional storage and detention charges. Customs Clearance Ireland are the experts in the process of Customs Clearance and we can help prepare the necessary Customs paperwork in advance in order to mitigate any delays or incorrect declarations.



If you are importing or exporting goods for sale it is advisable to have a Customs Broker prepare your paperwork so that your shipment will be granted fast and efficient access to the country. Not following the correct procedure will result in your shipment being held up or potentially confiscated at the port.




Contact us today for our expertise in customs clearance and to help you manage international trade and ensure accurate customs compliance of shipments.

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